Haygain Descaler


Use the Haygain descaler to remove limescale from your Haygain haysteamer for horses. Improves efficiency and prevents problems.

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Haygain Descaler

Clean your Haygain steam generator regularly with the Propress descaler to prevent limescale and problems. Because of the lime in the water, scale deposits can occur on heating elements and surfaces. This reduces performance, increases operating costs and shortens the life of the element.

INDICATIONS ▸ Use the Haygain descaler to remove limescale.
It is recommended the Steam Generator be descaled at least every 6 weeks. Descaling frequency is dependent on usage and water hardness.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Cleaning your Steam Generator:
▸ Disconnect from the power supply.
▸ Disconnect the Steam Hose from the Hay Chest.
▸ Half fill the Steam Generator with clean water; replace the Filler Cap and agitate vigorously – this action will suspend some sediment in the water; immediately remove the Filler Cap and empty the dirty water. Repeat this procedure until the water is completely clean.Descaling your Steam Generator:
▸ Before descaling, carry out the above procedure (‘Cleaning your Steam Generator’) to remove as much loose sediment as possible.
▸ Leave Steam Hose disconnected from the Hay Chest.
▸ Always read Caution Instructions on descaling product and carefully follow directions.
▸ Dissolve/dilute descaler in warm water as directed by the manufacturer ensuring the correct water volume:descaler ratio is followed. Pour the diluted descaler solution into the Steam Generator and switch ‘on’.



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