Lactano Sport


For horses that are more prone to build-up of lactic acid.

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Lactano Sport

Muscle acidification occurs when lactic acid builds up in the muscles during or after exercise. It can cause muscle stiffness, muscle cramps and damage to the muscle fibers, which can affect muscle function during the next exercise. Some horses are more prone to this than others. Lactano Sport from sportpaardenarts works as a buffer to counteract muscle acidification. In this way, it reduces the frequency and intensity of muscle cramps and stiffness.

INDICATIONS ▸ For horses that perform strenuous exercise
▸ For horses prone to ‘tying up’ syndrome
▸ Rehydration after exercise
▸ Stimulates the normal function of the bladder, kidneys and urinary tract
▸ Always provide plenty of clean drinking water
▸ Rosemary
▸ Soybean oil
Vitamins: E, C, B1
▸ Sodium citrate
▸ Citric acid
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Daily administration for a horse from 500 kg:
▸ Horses in training:
90 ml, in the evening
After intensive exercise or competition: 120 ml
▸ Shake well before use 
PACKAGING ▸ Bottle: 1 liter



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