Hoof Clay


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For long-term protection for horses with hoof problems.

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Hoof Clay

Life Data® Hoof Clay is a non-irritating, user-friendly and adhesive clay that is highly compressible and will remain in cracks or damage to the hoof wall, old nail holes, loose hoof walls and the jet grooves. The ingredients iodine and tea tree oil give the product unique properties for long-term protection.

INDICATIONS ▸ Damage to the hoof wall.
▸ For filling old nail holes.
▸ Loose hoof walls and the steel grooves.
▸ Not irritating.
▸ Can be used with both shod and unshod horses.
COMPOSITION ▸ Silicon dioxide
▸ Grain extract
▸ Iodine
▸ Tea Tree Oil
▸ Yucca extract
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE In dry conditions: apply once a week
In wet conditions: apply 2 to 3 times a week
▸ No need to wear gloves
PACKAGING ▸ Pot van 284 g



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