Muscle Build


For fast muscle building.

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Muscle Build

Pavo MuscleBuild contains the well-known whey powder from the bodybuilder world, which contains a number of very important amino acids for muscle building. These are protein chains that act as building materials for the muscles. Vitamin D3 helps against muscle fatigue, while L-carnitine has been added to improve energy conversion in muscle cells. In addition, Pavo MuscleBuild contains the natural CellProtect antioxidants to neutralize the free radicals. Pavo MuscleBuild is also doping-free.

INDICATION ▸ For muscle development
▸ Helps prevent muscle fatigue
▸ Provides muscle building
▸ After a rest period
▸ For young horses just starting training
▸ Gluten free
▸ Weipoeder
▸ Roggevoerbloem
▸ Sojabonenschroot nonGMO
▸ Calciumcarbonaat
▸ Sojaolie nonGMO
▸ Dextrose
▸ L-Carnitine
Vitamines: C en D3
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Horses: 1 x per day 100 g
▸ Ponies: 1 x per day 50 g
PACKAGING ▸ 3 kg bucket, for 30 days



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Doping free


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