Electro Sport


Replenishment of the electrolyte that is lost during training or competition

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Electro Sport

Unlike humans, horses sweat contains a lot of electrolytes. These are essential for the proper function of muscles. Electro Sport from sportpaardenarts has been carefully formulated to mimic the loss of electrolytes in the sweat of sport horses. Electro Sport has an apple flavor and is an excellent choice for even the most choosy sport horses.

INDICATIONS ▸ With apple flavor
▸ Replenishment of the lost minerals
▸ For good muscle function
▸ Always provide sufficient and clean drinking water
COMPOSITION ▸ Sodium chloride
▸ Glucose
▸ Potassium chloride
▸ Calcium formate
▸ Sodium bicarbonate
▸ Magnesium fumarate
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Daily administration for a 500 kg horse:
Light exercise: 25 to 50 g once a day
Moderate exertion: 50 to 75 g once a day
▸ Heavy exertion: 75 to 100 g once a day
▸ 1 measuring cup = 25 g
PACKAGING ▸ Pail: 5 kg



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