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You don’t just take care of a horse on the outside, but also on the inside. It is very important that your horse also receives the right care with nutrients. That is why we offer a wide range of quality supplements for horses.

Equine supplements can be found for a variety of purposes. Think of skin and coat, bones and joints, tendons and muscles, resistance, recovery, behavior and addition to the health of your horse.

At Sportpaardenarts we only sell minerals, vitamins and supplements for horses from quality brands. Think of Audevard, Bonpard, Equistro, Farrier Formula, Twydil and our own brand.

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Why give supplements and minerals to a horse?

Every day, a horse extracts various nutrients from roughage, concentrates and fresh grass. But it is possible that your horse still lacks certain substances, because they are in insufficient quantity (or quality) in the feed, or because the needs of your horse are higher than the supply from the feed.

If your horse does not receive enough important nutrients on a daily basis, it is wise to supplement with horse supplements. This way you can be sure that your horse will not be short of anything. This way you can prevent annoying health problems. A deficiency can lead to skin problems, injuries or a deteriorated condition, among other things.

In addition, there are also sport horses that train intensively, travel a lot or, for example, compete in competitions. And horses can get into trouble just like people. Think of specific problems in behavior or health. Then feeding supplements is a good solution.

Daily vitamins, minerals and horse supplements

It may happen that the feed for your horse does not always meet the required vitamins and minerals. Think of a pregnant mare, a young horse, a sport horse or a recovering horse. Then it is good to supplement your horse with horse feed. In winter there is less fresh grass in the pasture, which means that a horse can miss out on important nutrients. A horse supplement is then a solution!

A daily vitamin boost for your horse’s resistance

In addition to the daily intake of nutrients, horses can also use an extra vitamin boost, just like humans. If you know which vitamins are missing, you can supplement your horse with a balancer or vitamin or mineral supplement.


Specific supplements and vitamins for your horse

In addition to the daily needs, a horse can also suffer from injuries or problems. At Sportpaardenarts we have high-quality horse supplements that help your horse to heal or improve the problems. Below we discuss the most common groups.

Equine Supplements for Stress Relief

As a horse owner, you know better than anyone that horses can sometimes react violently to external stimuli (for example during competitions). Especially if a horse has a shortage of certain substances, this can strengthen the startle reaction. Sport horse doctor has the right soothing supplements for your horse to help reduce stress. Think of magnesium, calcium, vitamin B, herbs and plant extracts.

Keeping your horse’s airways healthy

The most common problems of (sport) horses often have to do with the lungs and airways. Think of substances and fungi in the stable or pollen. With the right supporting supplements you can support your horse’s airways.

A horse with strong bones and joints

The bones and joints of sport horses and older horses have to endure a lot. By supplementing with, your horse can continue to move smoothly. Think of products with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, collagen and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients also contribute to the formation (and support) of cartilage.

Supplements for healthy muscles and tendons

Supplements such as Ekyflex Tendon, Vitamin E/Selenium and magnesium are indispensable for active horses. These nutrients contribute to muscle building and recovery after strenuous exercise. With the right supplements for tendons and muscles you can keep your horse’s tendons and muscles healthy.

Equine supplements for hooves and skin care

Your horse’s hooves and skin have to endure a lot. You can continue to support your horse well through proper care, both inside and out. A product like Biotinum can promote the growth and health of the hooves, coat and mane.

Strong and healthy foals and parents

In equine reproduction, nutritional intake has been proven to be essential for fertility. We also sell various supplements that stimulate the growth of newborn foals.


Buy horse supplements at Sportpaardenarts

At Sportpaardenarts you only buy high quality and the best horse supplements. This way you can be sure that your horse receives the best additions to his/her ration.

Do you want to know which supplements your horse needs? Our sport horse doctor is happy to provide you with appropriate and personal advice. As a recognized equine veterinarian, he knows exactly which high-quality nutritional supplements your (sports) horse needs.