Regardless of whether people have an impact on climate change, the care world, and therefore the veterinary world, contributes to environmental effects. This is the reason we want to conduct our practice in a sustainable way, so we can reduce our footprint. However, not at the expense of the quality of the services we provide.

Here are some measures we have taken to reduce our footprint:


  • Sustainable purchasing. We prefer sustainable products. Think, for example, of single-use exam gloves, needles and syringes.
  • Responsible suppliers. We pay attention to the sustainability of our suppliers, including the responsible transport of the goods.



  • Practice is completely digital. We ask our suppliers to send all communication digitally. We no longer send paper communication ourselves. Examination reports and recordings of medical imaging are also offered digitally.
  • Fossil-free energy. Our practice runs entirely on solar energy and we strive for maximum energy savings (eg. LED lamps).
  • Responsible antibiotic policy. One of the challenges in healthcare is reducing antibiotic resistance. By responsible use of antibiotics, only when it is really needed, we contribute to this goal.
  • Environmentally friendly hygiene. We use environmentally friendly products to keep our practice clean and to sterilize our instruments.



  • Waste and recycle. By selective purchasing and 100% digital, the amount of waste has been kept relatively low in our practice. In addition to separate collection, we also recycle packaging material. This means your online order could be packaged in a recycled package.
  • Responsible medical waste. Whenever possible, we give away useful medication and disposables that we no longer use in our practice. These are collected and used in third world countries.

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