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A poorly performing horse with no obvious symptoms can be frustrating for owners. We can help in this situation. A thorough examination allow us to determine which systems cause the poor performance: locomotor system, airways, heart, muscles, metabolism. Through a standardized exercise test, we can objectify and monitor the poor performance.

When a horse is functioning well but the owners want better results it is possible to determine which systems can become even more efficient and therefore which form of training is adequate.

Ultimately, for sports goals, we can monitor the horse and the training, so that the horse is at its best fitness at a certain time (usually championship or certain competition). A horse cannot perform optimal all year round. We are happy to help you adjust the training schedule and management of the horse.


During an exercise test the horse works according to a standardized protocol, which is adapted to the discipline and the level of the horse. Depending on the discipline, various exercise parameters are included, like heart rate, lactates and other blood parameters.

These parameters make it possible to determine the endurance of the horse. These readings can then be compared with the standards for the discipline the horse is performing in. It is then possible to determine the anaerobic threshold, this means the moment when the muscles are no longer used efficiently.

An exercise test is easy to perform on location, where the horse usually trains. It allows us to objectively measure the endurance of the horse. Based on the results of the test, we can do additional examinations or adjust the training schedule. It is recommended to perform this exercise test regularly to monitor progress.


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