Biotin supplements for horses

Biotin is one of the substances that ensures strong horse hooves. Extremely important for the overall health of your horse. A horse stands, walks and moves all day long. That is why it is extra important that the hooves are always in good condition.

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Biotin for strong horse hooves

The substance biotin is also known as vitamin B8. It has various metabolic functions. This substance has sulphurous properties. This makes biotin important for your horse’s skin, coat and horn. Sufficient biotin in the body therefore ensures strong hooves.

Biotin is good for horses’ hooves

Supplementing with biotin has a positive effect on the health of horses’ hooves. An administration of about 15 milligrams of biotin per day ensures strong hooves that are less likely to develop problems.

Biotin deficiency can be dangerous

Horses can suffer from bad or brittle hooves. This is often accompanied by a deficiency of the substance biotin. For example, a horse cannot get enough fresh grass or roughage. But other causes are less functioning intestines or differences in the composition of the horse feed.

Biotin can also help your horse’s hooves recover. By adding biotin supplements, the horn will be of better quality again. As a result, your horse has less or no problems with damaged hooves.

Types of Biotin Supplements for Horses

At we have an extensive range of biotin for horses. Think of supplements in powder or liquid form. You can choose which biotin suits your horse best. Use these supplements with the concentrate to keep your horse’s hooves healthy.


Experiences with biotin for horses

Equine doctors recommend the use of biotin for horses. If your horse does not get enough through the roughage, supplements are a good option. This way you ensure that your horse keeps its horn and hooves healthy. If you would like to know more about experiences with biotin for horses, please contact us for advice.

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