Magnesium for horses

Magnesium is a supplement for horses that supports the function of the muscles. Of course you only want the best for your horse. That is why our range consists of the best quality magnesium supplements. In addition to our own brand, we also sell magnesium from Pavo, Audevard and Twydil, among others.

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What does magnesium do in horses?

Extra magnesium is sometimes necessary in horses. It helps them relax. It is possible that horses are injured due to a magnesium deficiency. That is why magnesium citrate for (sport) horses is mainly used for:

  • Tense horses
  • Horses under stress
  • Injuries

Magnesium is a good supplement for the health of your horse. This mineral supports two important bodily functions: the transmission of nerve cells and ensuring sufficient muscle relaxation.

Types of magnesium citrate for horses

At Sportpaardenarts we have various types of high-quality magnesium supplements in our range. This varies from pure magnesium to combination supplements, which also contain other nutrients.

The exact ingredients are listed on the product packaging of the supplements.

  • Liquid magnesium: can be administered through your horse’s diet or by mouth by syringe.
  • Magnesium powder: this solid form can easily be mixed into your horse’s feed.
  • Combination supplements: of course you can also support your horse’s vitamin deficiencies with combination supplements. For example, we sell Hemo Sport for better resistance and energy capacity in sport horses during exercise.

Liquid magnesium or powder for my horse?

This choice is determined on the one hand by the amount of magnesium you want to administer. On the other hand, by your horse’s individual preferences.


Is it necessary to feed my horse extra magnesium?

What energy needs does your horse have? The mineral leaves the body, among other things, through sweating. If your horse sweats a lot, he will also lose more magnesium. This allows you to see whether your horse has a greater need for magnesium.

Especially for sport horses, additional feeding is a good idea to be able to deliver top performances.

Magnesium deficiency in horses

Horses get these minerals from food, such as roughage and concentrates. If a horse receives enough magnesium through food and does not consume more, it goes well.

However, it depends on each horse whether it needs extra magnesium supplements. It may be that there is not enough magnesium in the food. But also that a horse consumes more due to intensive training as a sport horse.

If your horse has a magnesium deficiency, the body can perform less well. This can have unpleasant consequences. This makes it more difficult for the horse’s muscles to relax. And due to the lack of stimulus transfer, the horse can experience more stress.


Buy magnesium supplements at Sportpaardenarts

Do you want to buy the best quality magnesium for horses? You have come to the right place at Sportpaardenarts. We have a wide range of magnesium for horses in stock. Choose from magnesium powder or liquid magnesium for your horse.

Are you unsure about a magnesium deficiency in your horse? Our accredited equine vet can conduct research, so you know whether your horse needs magnesium supplements. With the right recommendations and expertise, your horse will receive the best care it deserves.