Gastro Sport

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It protects the gastric mucosa and reduces stomach acid.

Gastro Sport

Gastric ulcers are common in sport horses. They arise when the stomach lining is affected by the gastric acid and enzymes. Gastro Sport from Sportpaardenarts protects the stomach lining and lowers gastric acid. It contains, among others, the unique ingredient Fermaid® Ease, a natural product from the fermentation of high-quality soybean meal. Gastro Sport maintains gastric integrity by regulating gastric acid production and supporting cell regeneration.

INDICATIONS ▸ For horses prone to stomach ulcers
▸ Can be used in horses with stomach ulcers
▸ Regulates gastric acid production and supports cell regeneration
▸ Reduction of stress
COMPOSITION ▸ Flax flour
▸ Fermaid Ease
▸ Bentonite Absorben
▸ Brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
▸ Althaea officinalis
▸ Aloe Vera
▸ Grape seed extract
▸ Saltwood (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
▸ L-glutamine
▸ Sodium bicarbonate
▸ Lecithin
▸ Pectin
▸ Lithothamnion
▸ Magnesium
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Dailiy administration for a horse from 500 kg:
▸ 40 g twice a day
▸ 1 measuring cup = 20 g
PACKAGING ▸ Pail: 2.4 kg and 7.2 kg



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2.4 kg, 7.2 kg


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