Glucosamine for horses

If horses have joint problems, glucosamine is often recommended. But what is glucosamine actually, what is it good for and how much should I give my horse? The answers to these questions can be found below.

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We offer you a wide range of glucosamine and other horse supplements for daily support.

How does glucosamine for horses work?

Glucosamine is found in tissues of the horse’s body. In joints, glucosamine mainly serves as a building material for the growth of cartilage and keeping it healthy.

Glucosamine for healthy horse cartilage

Cartilage is also found at the ends of the joints in horses. Cartilage produces synovial fluid, so that friction between the joints is minimized. By feeding your horse glucosamine you stimulate the production of joint fluid. This is also called synovia.

In addition to glucosamine, your horse’s cartilage also consists of the building blocks collagen and proteoglycans. Together, these substances ensure that the cartilage remains stable and elastic. The cartilage ensures that shocks in horses are dampened during movement. Finally, glucosamine ultimately ensures optimal performance in horses.

Does my horse need glucosamine?

If you have an older horse or sport horse, it is advisable to add glucosamine supplements. If you know that your horse has a lot of pressure on its joints, glucosamine can provide relief. Do you doubt the needs or complaints of your horse? Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

The action of glucosamine in horses

The process from intake to effect is longer than you may be used to from other health supplements. Joints have a slow metabolism, which means that it takes longer to build up the blood level. You can assume a duration of approximately 2 months.

Because the effect of glucosamine lasts longer, glucosamine is often used preventively in horses. In sport horses, glucosamine is often given prior to a high-intensity activity. This can prevent joint problems and maximize your horse’s performance.

If your horse suffers from osteoarthritis, the joint is affected as a result of wear and tear. In this condition, the horse joint is affected by inflammation. By supplementing with glucosamine you can continue to support your horse.

Which glucosamine does my horse need?

At Sportpaardenarts we have different types of glucosamine supplements in our range. You can choose, for example, Twydil, P-Block, Audevard or our own brand. We have the right supplements available for every horse.

Chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM for horses

Glucosamine also works closely with MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) and chondroitin in horses. On our website you will find different combinations of supplements that increase the performance of your horse.

MSM helps to reduce pain and inflammation, among other things. This is due to the sulfur properties that help with joint problems such as osteoarthritis.
Chondroitin reduces pain, swelling and inflammation.

How much glucosamine can I give my horse?

Glucosamine supplements are available in powder or tablet form. The dosage differs per horse and the current health situation. It is therefore advisable to speak to an equine vet before giving the supplements to your horse.

Buy glucosamine for horses at Sportpaardenarts

At Sportpaardenarts we have a wide range of glucosamine supplements for horses. This allows you to give your horse the care he or she needs. Do you have questions about horse supplements or the health of your horse? Feel free to contact us and get advice from a recognized equine veterinarian.