The equine veterinarian

Thibault Frippiat is a certified equine veterinarian, with experience in supporting and treating (Olympic) sport horses. His field of work ranges from internal medicine to orthopedics, with expertise in the airways, heart, gastric ulcers and exercise physiology (muscles). As a certified prepurchase equine veterinarian he performs vettings for sport but also internationally and for studbooks.

This multilingual equine veterinarian graduated from the University of Liege (Belgium) and developed further his knowledge for sports medicine at the same university, at Purdue University (USA) and CIRALE (France). He also graduated at Focus on the Equine Spine as a horse chiropractor.

Since 2013 he has his own practice in the Netherlands. He examines and treats horses in his clinic or at home throughout the Netherlands and abroad (in particular Belgium, France, Germany and England).

Especially when the cause of a problem is not entirely clear, or when a horse is not well for no apparent reason, Thibault Frippiat is at its best. Through thorough, broad examinations, he continues until he has the correct diagnosis. Only if you really find out what is going on, you can treat it adequately.

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