Treatment of respiratory disorders

After a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan can be written by our veterinarian. The treatment process will be different, depending on the type of disorder.

  • For infectious diseases the horse is mainly supported in its fight against the causative agent. A plan will be made to limit the spread of the disease to other horses.
  • For disorders in the upper respiratory tract the therapeutic options will be discussed. This can be medical, adjustments to the training or possibly a surgical procedure.
  • For disorders in the lower respiratory tract changes in the environment are often recommended and medical treatments are prescribed.



Good ventilation in the stable is essential for all horses. The number of (dust) particles in the inhaled air must be as low as possible. The best thing is to keep a horse out of the stable as much as possible. A general tip is to avoid spreading new bedding or tos sweep the stable with horses present. The arena should be sprayed before the horses are ridden in it.
It is advisable to steam the roughage before it is given.

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    Treatment – Aerosol therapy

    Steam the hay

    Facts about Haygain hay steamers

    • It reduces more than 99% of the breathable substances
    • It kills bacteria, fungi and fungal spores
    • It reduces the risk of horse asthma
    • It is easy to use and to store the roughage
    • Steamed roughage retains its nutritional value
    • Horses like to eat steamed roughage


    The lungs are particularly difficult to treat with medication by mouth or injection. Specific medication is preferably administered with a nebulizer. As a result, the active substance focuses on the location of the problem, so that less medication is needed and there are fewer side effects. If a diagnosis has been made, a suitable treatment can be prescribed by the veterinarian.
    A general rule for treating airways is that multiple treatments per day for a longer period of time are often needed. The treatment via nebulizer therefore takes place at home. That is why the nebulizers are also offered for rent for the horses that we have examined.

    Treatment – Aerosol therapy