Farrier’s Formula® Double Concentrate (2-pack)


For a weak hoof structure, hoof wall causes problems

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Farrier's Formula® Double Concentrate (2-pack)

Farrier’s Formula® Double Concentrate is a hoof supplement that provides nutrients such as phospholipids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and important amino acid ‘protein building blocks’. These nutrients enable horses to produce proteins for strong connective tissue, which is important for the healthy structure and growth of the hooves. More than thirty years of research, clinical studies and field tests confirm the effectiveness of Farrier’s Formula.

INDICATIONS ▸ Against hoof wall problems.
▸ For horses with a thin or soft sole.
▸ Contains protein building blocks for a strong connective tissue.
▸ Healthy structure of the hoof.
▸ Promote hoof growth.
▸ DL-Methionine
▸ Technically clean
▸ D-(+)-Biotin
▸ Vitamin C
▸ Silicon dioxide
▸ Zinc oxide
▸ Copper Acid Sulfate
▸ Pentahydrate
▸ Fenugreek extract
▸ Calcium
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Pony (225 kg to 450 kg): 1 x per day 43 g to 85 g
Horse (675 kg to 900 kg): 1 x per day 128 g to 170 g
PACKAGING ▸ Bag of 5 kg (2-pack)



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