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Global Medics Hoof & Coat is the ideal supplement to optimize hoof quality. The hooves grow faster and the horn quality increases significantly.

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Hoof & Coat

Global Medics Hoof & Coat was specially developed to improve hoof quality in horses. Many horses have poor horn quality, resulting in hooves that are too soft, crumbling hooves, hoof cracks and even loose hoof walls. Global Medics Hoof & Coat not only has a positive effect on the hooves, but also improves the condition of the coat, mane and tail through the addition of biotin.

INDICATIONS ▸ In horses with a dull coat or horses that molt poorly
▸ For horses with hoof problems such as crumbling hooves, hoof cracks or loose walls

▸ Maltodextrin
▸ Whey powder
▸ Algae lime
▸ Choline chloride
▸ Biotin
▸ Folic acid
▸ Zinc chelate of amino acid hydrate zinc
▸ Lecithin
▸ Vitamin C, E, D3, B3, B5, B1, B2, B6


▸ Can also be used as a general vitamin supplement

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Mix 50 g per horse per day in the feed
▸ Treatment of 40 days
PACKAGING ▸ 2 kg bucket



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