Sorexil (formerly Flexi4)


Oral daily nutritional supplement based on plant extracts for sport horses followed for joint pain as well as equine athletes undergoing intensive training.

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Sorexil (formerly Flexi4)

Sorexil (formerly Flexi4) is a supplementary animal feed to support the musculoskeletal system, an oral gel in which a unique combination of 4 plant extracts has been processed. Each of these plant extracts has its own functional characteristics.

INDICATIONS ▸ Natural support of the necessary joint flexibility
▸ Supports the muscular resistance and strength
The maintenance of an optimal condition in sport horses
COMPOSITION ▸Flexi4 contains a unique combination of four carefully selected plant extracts which are known for their beneficial effects on joints in traditional medicine:
▸ Curcuma longa (Curcumin)
▸ Yucca schidigera
▸ Salix alba
▸ Boswellia serrata
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ For sport horses during competition: 50 ml per day (mixed with the daily ration) for 20 days
▸ For horses with joint pain: 100 ml per day (mixed with the daily ration) for 20 days
TIPS FROM SPORTPAARDENARTS.NL ▸ We recommend the next dose Sorexil (formerly Flexi4) for sport horses:
   ▹ begin with a starting dose of 100 ml per day during 10 days
   ▹ then a dose of 50 ml per day during 20 days
   ▹ then a maintenance dose of 25 ml per day
   ▹ during intense training, a dose of 50 ml per day
The effect is felt after 10 days of supplementation
PACKAGING ▸ 1 kg bottle: for 20 days (50 ml per day) or 40 days (25 ml per day)



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