Sport Ice Gel


A cooling gel to take care of the tendons and muscles after training or work.

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Sport Ice Gel

The new care line from Sportpaardenarts includes Sport Ice Gel to care for and cool muscles, tendons and joints of the (sport) horse after work. The built-in carrier provides a depth effect. The depth effect is fast and effective, nothing is wasted.

INDICATIONS ▸ The Gel does not stick
▸ Unique formula, which makes the gel first cold and then warm
▸ It works quickly and effectively
▸ Hippocastanum
▸ Arnika
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Apply a layer of Sport Ice Gel to the legs
▸ For a better and longer effect, you can bandage your horse’s legs so that the gel dries less quickly
TIPS FROM SPORTPAARDENARTS.NL ▸ Also works well to care for and soften the skin in case of insect bites (oak processionary caterpillar)
PACKAGING ▸ Bottle of 500 ml



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500 ml


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