Nebulin, a natural health product for nebulization based on curcuma, intended to treat respiratory disorders in sport horses.

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Nebulin is specially recommended for horses living in a dusty environment and who are coughing. During violent effort, Nebulin reduces the incidence of pulmonary bleedings. It is also recommended in order to improve the respiratory comfort of young athletic horses whose respiratory tracts are regularly clogged and which present performance difficulties.

INDICATIONS ▸ Horses that are exposed to a dusty and coughing environment;
▸ During disorders of the respiratory tract;
▸ T
o reduce the incidence of pulmonary bleeding during strenuous exercise.
COMPOSITION Curcuma longa
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Only to be used with a nebulizer
Preparation of the solution:
   ▹ Take 40 ml of saline solution
   ▹ Inject this 40 ml into the Nebulin 600 mg bottle to dilute the powder
   ▹ Shake well
   ▹ Store after reconstitution at 4°C for up to 6 days.
▸ Recommended doses:
   ▹ Nebulization of 6 ml in the morning and in the evening for 3 days before the competition
   ▹ and for 3 days after the race.
   ▹ Nebulize Nebulin not simultaneously with other products.
PACKAGING ▸ Vial of 600 mg: for 6,6 treatments (3 days)



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