Bonpard Resistance


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Nutritional complement for horses and ponies who get a ration with low quantity or no concentrate at all.

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Bonpard Resistance

Good immunity is essential for health. The resistance of a horse can be weakened or work incorrectly, due to stress, illness, incorrect nutrition, problems with the intestinal flora and (epi) genetic errors. Bonpard Resistance is specially formulated for horses that have (temporarily) too little resistance.

INDICATIONS ▸ Horses suffering from complaints or conditions due to reduced resistance or an immune system that does not optimally function.
COMPOSITION Vitamins: B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E and K
Minerals: copper, zinc, selenium, iron, manganese
▸ Biotin
▸ Macrogard
▸ DHA gold
▸ Yeast extract
▸ Luzern
▸ Molasses
▸ Sunflower ola
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Mixed with the daily ration
▸ Horse: 100 g per day
Pony: 50 g per day
ATTENTION! Mix Bonpard Resistance Supplement first in small amounts through the feed. Horses need to get used to the taste of omega-3 fatty acids. Then gradually build up to the desired dosage.
PACKAGING ▸ Bucket of 3 kg: for 1 month (horse) or 2 months (pony)



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