Vitamin E/Selenium


Lack of vitamin E can lead to severe muscle damage and in extreme cases even to death.

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Vitamin E/Selenium

The amount of Vitamin E in grains and hay can be reduced by harvesting, drying and storing. Lack of Vitamin E can lead to serious damage to the muscles. The effect of selenium is similar to that of Vitamin E, which is why both substances are often used together in preparations. If there is a suspicion that the feed contains too little Vitamin E and/or selenium, it is recommended to supplement the Vitamin E/Selenium supplement with the feed.

INDICATIONS ▸ (Suspicion of) lack of Vitamin E and/or selenium
COMPOSITION ▸ Sodium selenite (Selenium), A-tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E)
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Sprinkle 1.5 to 2.5 measuring spoons daily over the food.
▸ Divide the amount over 2 meals.
One scoop contains about 20 grams of powder.
PACKAGING Pot of 1 kg: for 25 days (2 spoons a day)



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