eQuick eVysor goggles

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The eQuick eVysor is a pair of goggles for horses with maximum wearing comfort and protection for the eyes.

eQuick eVysor goggles

Protect your horse’s eyes with the goggles against bright sunlight, wind, dust and branches. The eVysor from eQuick combine maximum comfort and protection. Thanks to the patented, smart design and the use of the best materials, the eyes of your horses are protected all around.

INDICATIONS ▸ Protective eye goggles to protect your horses eyes
▸ Does not interfere with vision and stays in place even during intensive activities as jumping
▸ All models offer 100% UV protection
▸ 360° protection for the eyes of your horse
▸ Ventilation slots
▸ The eVysor is recommended for a variety of reasons:
   ▹ Sensitivity to light (After eye surgery/eye injury)
   ▹ Uveitis
   ▹ Cataracts
   ▹ Eye Scratching
   ▹ Headshaking syndrome
   ▹ Eyes protection from sand/water/wind etc
   ▹ Sun protection (100% UV protection)
   ▹ Can be used with all disciplines
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Comfortable, adjustable elastic straps with snap closure, this allows the glasses to be easily placed over the bridle
▸ The eVysor fits over the ears and clips under the jaw

▸ Transparent 98,08%
▸ Mirrored Orange 46,28%
▸ Mirrored Blue 42,63%
▸ Mirrored Green 38,41%
▸ Mirrored Rainbow 19,85%
▸ Darker (Black) 10,45%

FLITER CATEGORY ▸ Transparent 0
▸ Mirrored Orange 1
Mirrored Blue/Green/Rainbow 2
Darker 3
SIZE ▸ One Size
▸ It will not fit ponies or large drafts.




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Darker (Black), Mirrored Blue, Mirrored green, Mirrored Orange, Mirrored rainbow, Transparent


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