Hoof care for healthy horse hooves

Uncared for hooves can lead to hoof problems in your horse. That is why it is very important that your horse’s hooves also receive the right care. At Sportpaardenarts we have the best tools and supplements to keep your horse’s hooves healthy.

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Why are hooves important to a horse?

Hooves support the horse’s weight and provide stability during movement. In addition, the hooves serve as a shock absorber to reduce the impact of the ground on the horse’s legs. It is therefore crucial to keep the hooves healthy, especially with sport horses.

How do you take care of your horse’s hooves?

It is important that you regularly clean your horse’s hooves. Do this, for example, with the help of a hoof pick and brush to remove dirt. In addition, the hooves must be trimmed every so often by a farrier. This keeps the horse’s hooves from getting too long and helps prevent cracking and chipping.

The care of horse hooves is paramount. In addition to cleaning, you can also use hoof oil, gel or grease to optimally care for your horse’s hooves. Do you have doubts about the health of your horse? Then contact a horse doctor.

Dry hooves or bad hooves in horses

A healthy horse’s hoof has no cracks, ridges or crumbling pieces in the horn. If it does, or the horn of the hoof feels or looks dry, this could be a sign of bad hooves. It is important to keep a close eye on this. A horse can get annoying complaints if the hooves are not properly cared for, such as lameness.

How can supplements help keep hooves clean?

Equine supplements can be a great aid to a horse’s health. This also applies to the hoof care of your horse. The best way to keep your horse’s hooves healthy is to maintain a nutritious and balanced diet. A diet that contains all the necessary vitamins.

However, this may not be enough. Then hoof care supplements can be the perfect solution to get your horse back on its feet. Biotin for horses is the ideal horse supplement for proper support of horse hooves.

Buy supplements for horse hooves at Sportpaardenarts

See above the hoof supplements that we have for your horse. It is difficult to say which one is best suited for your horse. Would you like personalized advice from a recognized equine doctor? Then contact us and together we will see how we can give your horse the best care!