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Haygain One


Qualitative hay steamer for horses, a scientifically proven method for purifying hay. For treatment or prevention!

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Haygain One

The Haygain One is ideal for daily use in the yard and is easy to take thanks to its low weight and compact design. This is the smallest of the Haygain models and is designed for the feeding of one horse and can contain up to 7 kg of roughage in a haynet or loose.

INDICATIONS Haygain One is one of the Haygain hay steamers. The Haygain products are proven to reduce respirable dust, mould and bacteria in hay and haylage: the result is a fragrant and appetising hay, ideal for fussy eaters and horses recovering from surgery or illness.

▸ Steams to temperatures above 100°C and destroys bacteria and fungal spores
▸ Removes particulates

▸ Capacity: up to 7 kg (ideal size for one horse)
▸ Cycle time: 60 minutes
Steam Generator:
▸ Power: 1500W
▸ Capacity: 3.5 liters of water
▸ Weight: 23 kg
▸ Dimensions: Diameter 56,5 cm | H 73,7 cmContent
▸ Stainless steel boiler shell
▸ Thermostat
▸ Safety pressure release valve
▸ Stainless steel thermometer
MAINTENANCE ▸ Keep the Haygain clean
▸ Empty it monthly and then rinse thoroughly (if necessary with detergent, then rinse well with clean water)
▸ Use a descaler in the steamer regularly (depending on the hardness of the water used)
WARRANTY ▸ 1 year
USER MANUAL ▸ Click here



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