Bonpard Muscle


Bonpard Muscle is an excellent feed for sport horses or horses with (too) much temperament: it provides healthy energy without increasing the temperament.

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Bonpard Muscle

Bonpard Muscle has been specially developed for nutritional recovery, such as in horses with muscular tying up, but also for weight loss. Muscle seizure can be caused by excessive training, feed shortages, continuous muscle tension or a metabolic disorder. A high-fat diet with lots of fiber and little starch and sugars, combined with good training, usually gives a considerable improvement. For lean horses too, a high-fat feed with little starch and sugars is preferable to a feed with a lot of starch and sugars. The horse’s digestive capacity for starch is limited, a lot of starchy food can lead to colic, hoof disease or diarrhea. Horses generally digest fats particularly well and fats provide 2-3 times more energy than carbohydrates.

INDICATIONS ▸ Excellent feeder for sport horses or horses with (too) much temperament
▸ Very suitable for horses suffering from exertional myopathy, gastric ulcers and stress, or for skinny horses
COMPOSITION ▸ Bonpard Muscle has a high fat content and a low content in starches and sugars (so that muscle cells take up less glucose from starch and extract more energy from fatty acid oxidation).
▸ The fat is vegetable such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil and sunflower seeds.
▸ hese polyunsaturated fats stimulate the immune system (such as omega-3 and 6 fatty acids) and provide a shiny coat.
▸ Bonpard Muscle is rich with carefully selected fibres that support healthy colon fermentation. It contains a limited amount of high-quality protein with good amino acid composition.
▸ The addition of vitamins (A, D, E), minerals (calcium, phosphorus) and trace elements (copper, selenium) is adapted to the unique composition of this special feed, so that it contains all the nutrients in the right quantities.
▸ Bonpard Muscle contains the following ingredients:
   ▹ Luzerne
   ▹ Roasted barley flakes
   ▹ Oatmeal pellets
   ▹ Apple pulp
   ▹ Wheat bran
   ▹ Sealed oat
   ▹ unflower seeds
   ▹ Toasted soybeans
   ▹ Linseed oil
   ▹ Sunflower oil
   ▹ Locust bean
   ▹ Vitamins and minerals
   ▹ Extruded linseed.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ A dietetic food is tuned to one horse and one situation. The following indication is informational only (please contact our vet for a detailed food advice) and is based for a 550 kg horse:
▸ Light working level:
   ▹ 2.2 kg Bonpard Muscle
   ▹ 6.8 kg gross hay
   ▹ 150 ml vegetable oil
Moderate work level:
   ▹ 2.8 kg Bonpard Muscle
   ▹ 7.2 kg gross hay
   ▹ 140 ml vegetable oil
Heavy work level:
   ▹ 3.3 kg Bonpard Muscle
   ▹ 7.2 kg gross hay
   ▹ 150 ml vegetable oil
Very heavy work level:
   ▹ 4.1 kg Bonpard Muscle
   ▹ 9.9 kg gross hay
   ▹ 220 ml vegetable oil
TIPS FROM SPORTPAARDENARTS.NL ▸ The transition from your current feed to Bonpard Muscle should be gradual (over 5 weeks). Ask our veterinarian perform a detailed food advice.
▸ Give your horse a salt block in his stable
Give your horse at least four times hay and two times Bonpard Muscle per day (Bonpard Muscle and hay may simultaneously)
Make sure your horse never stays longer than six hours without food
Do you give haylage instead of hay? 1 kg hay is:
   ▹ 1.4 kg of wet horse haylage
   ▹ 1.2 kg horse haylage
   ▹ 1.1 kg dry horse haylage
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