For horses suffering from lack of appetite or poor digestion through stress (competition or other stress situations).

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Liquid supplement to support optimal functioning of the liver. Tywdil Hemopar contains artichoke, milk thistle and yellow gentian that support the cleansing effect of the liver and bile function. With the addition of artichoke, the supplement can also be used on resting days for horses that are sensitive to stable legs. The supplement stimulates appetite.

INDICATIONS ▸ Disturbance or appetite disturbed by competition stress or other reasons.
▸ Promotes digestion in horses that quickly suffer from the intestines.
For horses that have difficulty eating their food, or do not eat their vitamin supplements.
COMPOSITION ▸ Artichoke and Silybum marianum extract on a natural malting sorbitol base + marian thistle
▸ Vitamins B1
▸ Vitamin B2
▸ Vitamin B6
▸ Nicotinic acid
▸ Pantothenic acid
▸ Methionine and oligo elements in chelated form (cobalt, copper, manganese, zinc)
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Mix 60 ml daily (3 measuring caps) through the regular feed ration.
PACKAGING ▸ Bottle of 1 liter: for 16 days



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