For flexible muscles.

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Pavo Eplus contains the natural CellProtect antioxidants, which help neutralize waste products in the muscles. It also contains vitamin C and vitamin E. Pavo Eplus uses a natural vitamin E from vegetable material, which is more absorbable for horses. Research has shown that sport horses have a high need for vitamin E, for the removal of waste products from the muscles. This can go up to 2000 units per day, you cannot supplement this with concentrates.

INDICATION ▸ For maintaining flexible muscles
▸ Prevents acidification
▸ Works for muscle stiffness
▸ For good muscle coordination during endurance performance
▸ For (sport) horses that need extra vitamin and/or selenium
COMPOSITION Vitamins: E2 and C
▸ Lucerne
▸ Dextrose
▸ Dextrose
▸ Phosphorus
▸ Sodium
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Horses: 1 x per day 100 g
▸ Ponies: 1 x per day 50 g
PACKAGING ▸ 3 kg bucket, for 30 days



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3 kg



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