Electrolytes powder


Formulated with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help improve your horse’s fitness and recovery.

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Electrolytes powder

A lack of fluids and electrolytes can lead to tenseness, muscle cramps, joint work ethic, joint performance and dehydration. Not a single activity can cause a disturbance of the salt/fluid balance, but stress conditions and high temperatures also have an influence. This balanced and easily absorbable formula of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids will increase the fitness and recuperation capacity of your horse.

INDICATIONS ▸ Before, during and after strenuous exercise.
▸ In case of loss of body fluid due to high temperatures.
▸ In moments of stress.

▸ Sodium
▸ Calcium
▸ Glycine
▸ Silicon
▸ Vitamin E


▸ Make sure that the horse has sufficient pure drinking water available for an optimal effect of the electrolytes.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE With moderate exercise: mix ½ – 1 cup (25gr – 50gr) in the feed after exercise
With intense, short exercise: 1-2 cups (50gr – 100gr) after exercise and mix in the feed the next morning
Intensive efforts: mix 1-2 cups (50gr – 100gr) in the morning and evening until 10 days after the effort
▸ 1 measuring cup = 50 g
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