Lacta-Fort is a supplement suitable for horses that undergo heavy, intensive physical exertion. But Lacta-Fort is also strongly recommended during long-term transports.

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Horses that make heavy efforts produce significant amounts of lactic acid, resulting in muscle acidification. The acidification causes muscle stiffness and muscle vibrations that ultimately have a detrimental effect on the horse’s sporting performance.

Global Medics Lacta-Fort is also strongly recommended during long-term transports. The horses travel more comfortably and arrive at their destination without any muscle stiffness, which is crucial for optimal performance during the competition.

INDICATIONS ▸ Before, during and after heavy exertion
▸ For multi-day competitions
▸ During long transports

▸ Maltodextrins
▸ Dextrose
▸ betaine anhydrous
▸ Boswellia serrata extract
▸ beta-alanine
▸ Wisteria
▸ l-phenylalanine
▸ l-arginine
▸ l-valine
▸ l-isoleucine
▸ l-leucine
▸ l-histidine
▸ l-carnitine-l-tartraat
▸ Vitamin B2,B1,B5 in B3


▸ A combination of Lacta-Fort and P-Block is recommended for horses that are exposed to heavy exertion.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Mix 1 sachet (30 g) per horse in the feed the evening before the competition and 1 sachet (30 g) 3 to 4 hours before the start of the competition or veterinary inspection
▸ As a treatment for severe muscle stiffness: 1 sachet (30 g) for 5 days, then administer half a sachet (15 g) for 10 days
▸ Treatment of 10 days
PACKAGING ▸ Box with 10 bags of 30 g



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