Electrolytes Paste


Daily supplement for fast recuperation after intense exercise.

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Electrolytes Paste

Daily supplement for fast recuperation after intense exercise, as a daily rehydration, of top sport horses. For quickly replenishing fluid and mineral loss after a workout. Composed of isotonic and isoelectric mineral salts.

INDICATIONS ▸ For the compensation of electrolytes loss after heavy sweating
Improves recuperation and stimulates water consumption after intense effort
Supports good muscular relaxation after effort
COMPOSITION ▸ Sodium chloride
▸ Palatinose
▸ Potassium
▸ Magnesium
▸ Calcium
▸ Vitamin C
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Squeeze one mouth syringe onto the tongue of the horse after heavy sweating following competition, training or travelling, and encourage the horse to drink.
▸ Water should be available at all times.
Do not exceed recommended daily quantities.
TIPS FROM SPORTPAARDENARTS.NL ▸ For daily supplementation, use Twydil Electrolytes.
PACKAGING ▸ Box of 10 syringes: for 10 treatments
▸ 1 syringe = 50 g



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