Mineral Complex

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Source of calcium for the horse that is fed with the normal power supply.

Mineral Complex

Twydil Mineral Complex is a dietary supplement with minerals and easily absorbable calcium to support the development of the musculoskeletal system of growing horses. Twydil Mineral Complex can be used with pregnant mares and horses from the moment they are weaned.

INDICATIONS ▸ For all horses in growth (for foals from 3 months)
Especially with thoroughbred horses between 6 and 18 months.
For all pregnant broodmares.
COMPOSITION ▸ Calcium carbonate
▸ Dicalcium phosphate
▸ Calcium gluconate
▸ Sea salts
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Foal from 3 to 6 months: 40 g (2 measuring spoons) per day.
▸ Foal and yearling from 6 to 18 months: 60 g (3 measuring spoons) per day.
Broodmare during the last 3 months of pregnancy: 80 g (4 measuring spoons) per day.
Adult horse: 80 g (4 measuring spoons) per day.
PACKAGING ▸ Bucket of 3 kg: for 50 days (foals) or 5 weeks (adult horse)
Bucket of 10 kg: for 5 months (foals) or 4 months (adult horse)



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