Flexineb E2/E3 Inlet valve kit


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Parts of the Nortev Flexineb E2/E3.

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Flexineb E2/E3 Inlet valve kit

Flexineb is a nebulizer, specially developed for horses: fast, portable, easy to use and silent. Designed and produced in Galway (Ireland). It uses the mesh technology of Nortev, is therefore extremely portable, the built-in Lithium Ion battery has a capacity of 3 hours.



▸ This must be placed on the chamber and the medication cup on top of the inlet valve kit.
▸ The inlet valve kit works as follows, the nebulization that comes into the chamber must be breathed, there is a rubber stopper on the inlet valve kit that allows air from outside the chamber as soon as the horse breathes in if the horse does not inhale the rubber go back and closed the chamber so that the nebulization can not escape but can recharge the room for the next inhalation.



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