Flexineb E3

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Flexineb is a nebulizer, especially designed for horses; fast, portable, simple to use and silent.

Flexineb E3

Flexineb is a nebulizer, especially designed for horses: fast, portable, simple to use and silent. Designed and manufactured in Galway (Ireland). It uses the mesh-technology of Nortev, making it extremely portable, the built-in Lithium Ion battery has a capacity of 3 hours.

INDICATIONS ▸ The Flexineb E3 System is a portable silent equine nebuliser for delivering aerosolised drugs and natural therapies to the airways of the horse.
▸ The soft flexible mask fits over the horses nose and creates a good seal by tightening the strap around the horse’s head.
▸ The Nortev Flexineb system is designed to nebulize a large number of veterinary drugs, including corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory), bronchodilators, antibiotics and saline.
▸ Essential oils (like Audevard Balsamic Air) can be preventively nebulized, or as a follow-up after the administration of medication.
Silvaplex is another very often used medication with Flexineb, in particular for bacterial or viral infection of the airways.Quantity of medication
▸ The standard 10 ml medication cup is placed in the front room, where then the solution/medication is placed in.
▸ A 20 ml top unit is provided to apply volumes up to 30 ml.
▸ There remains no medication left in the cup after the treatment with Flexineb.
CONTENTS The Flexineb E3 is offered complete:
▸ Transport box
▸▸ Mask, with exit valve kit
▸ Inhalation chamber with inlet valve kit
▸ Controller (including battery and charger) and cable
▸ 2 medication cups
Extension cup (for 20 ml liquid)
MDI adaptor
Bottle of 500 ml saline
Bottle of 500 ml demineralized water
WARRANTY Controller, cable and power supply: 24 months
Battery: 6 months
Medication Cup: The medication cup is a wearing part and its life is very dependent on the drug used and how well it is maintained between uses therefore the medication cup component is not covered by warranty protection.
SIZE Measure the size of the horse’s nose, under the cheekbone at the level of the noseband (see image):
Adult/standard (suitable for most horses): from 45 to 57 cm in size
Foal/pony: from 35 to 45 cm in size
Large (for example draft horses): from 57 to 67 cm in size
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adult (standard), foal/pony, large


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