Flexineb E3 Upgrade set


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Parts of the Nortev Flexineb E3

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Flexineb E3 Upgrade set

Flexineb is a nebulizer, specially developed for horses: fast, portable, easy to use and silent. Designed and produced in Galway (Ireland). It uses the mesh technology of Nortev, is therefore extremely portable, the built-in Lithium Ion battery has a capacity of 3 hours.

New Flexineb E3:
▸ 3 different use programs
▸ More than 6 hours of battery life
▸ Detection of the end of treatment
▸ 35-minute switch-off function
▸ Possibility of software upgrade
▸ Improved performance via new software algorithm

UPGRADE SET ▸ The Upgrade set contains a Controller E3 (including battery), a Cable and a grey medication cup.
WARRANTY Controller and cable: 24 months
Battery: 6 months
Medication Cup: The medication cup is a wearing part and its life is very dependent on the drug used and how well it is maintained between uses therefore the medication cup component is not covered by warranty protection.



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