Flexineb E3 Upgrade set


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Parts of the Nortev Flexineb E3

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Flexineb E3 Upgrade set

Flexineb is a nebulizer, specially developed for horses: fast, portable, easy to use and silent. Designed and produced in Galway (Ireland). It uses the mesh technology of Nortev, is therefore extremely portable, the built-in Lithium Ion battery has a capacity of 3 hours.

New Flexineb E3:
▸ 3 different use programs
▸ More than 6 hours of battery life
▸ Detection of the end of treatment
▸ 35-minute switch-off function
▸ Possibility of software upgrade
▸ Improved performance via new software algorithm

UPGRADE SET ▸ The Upgrade set contains a Controller E3 (including battery), a Cable and a grey medication cup.



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