Bonpard Senior


Bonpard Senior is suitable for older horses and horses that are less able to chew and therefore lose weight.

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Bonpard Senior

Bonpard Senior to compensate for chronic insufficiency of the small intestine is suitable for older horses and horses that can chew less well and therefore lose weight.
The older horse is increasingly difficult to keep in good condition. This usually has to do with the wear of teeth and molars too much. Less muscle power to chew efficiently and forcefully also plays a role here. In addition, diseases (worm infections) or other conditions (dominant horses in the group) can cause emaciation.
Bonpard Senior contains high-quality raw materials that are easily digested and absorbed, even if the horse chews poorly. It contains all the necessary minerals, trace elements and vitamins, in optimal levels for the older horse.

INDICATIONS ▸ For older horses
▸ For horses that are less able to chew
▸ For a better condition of the older horse
▸ Suitable for horses that have undergone dental treatment
COMPOSITION ▸ Bonpard Senior has an increased content of copper, zinc, selenium and vitamin E and contribute to a good resistance. Extra vitamin B complex, vitamin K and vitamin C are needed because of a possible decrease in the own production in intestinal flora or liver.
▸ Poppy straw
▸ Alfalfa
▸ Oatmeal pellets
▸ Puffed barley
▸ Wheat semolina
▸ Apple pulp
▸ Gelatinized corn flakes
▸ Toasted soybeans
▸ Extruded linseed
▸ Linseed oil
▸ Vitamin and mineral premix
▸ Gelatinized pea flakes
▸ Poppy straw loose
▸ Profeed © scFOS
▸ Yeasacc
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ You can feed Bonpard Senior dry, but also as a slobber. In addition, provide fine, soft hay and / or grass as long as possible. If the horse can no longer even chew hay properly (it falls back into the tray as “rolls” or “stuffs”), Bonpard Senior can also be used as the sole feed material. (contact our veterinarian for detailed feeding advice) and based on a 550 kg horse:
▸ Basic ration with hay:
▹ Bonpard Senior: 3 kg
▹ Hay: 4.4 kg
▸ Bonpard Senior only:
▹ Bonpard Senior: 5 kg
TIPS FROM SPORTPAARDENARTS.NL ▸ The transition from your current food to Bonpard Senior should be done gradually (over 3 weeks). Ask our vet for detailed feeding advice.
▸ Give your horse a block of salt in his stable
▸ Feed at least 4 servings daily, spread over the day
▸ Never leave your horse without food for more than 6 hours
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