Bonpard Motility


Bonpard Motility is suitable for horses who suffer from recurrent colic, hard manure or obstructions.

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Bonpard Motility

Bonpard Motility has been specially developed for horses to compensate for chronic insufficiency of the small intestine resulting in recurrent colic due to hard manure or obstructions. The composition of Bonpard Motility is aimed at a smooth passage and good digestibility in the small intestine. A selection of fibers support intestinal movements and stimulate fermentation. This ensures a good flow of the feed. In addition, Bonpard Motility contains fibers with a high water-binding capacity (alfalfa) so that the intestinal contents retain more water. A moist intestinal content is good for a smooth intestinal passage.

Does your horse suffer from thin manure, diarrhea or gas colic? then look at Bonpard Colon

INDICATIONS ▸ For horses with recurring colic
▸ Support of the bowel movement
▸ Stimulate fermentation
▸ For more moisture in the intestines
COMPOSITION ▸ The bran in Bonpard Motility stimulates bowel movements and thus also the mixing of feed with digestive enzymes. Barley, oat and corn flakes are easily digestible in the small intestine. The added live yeast cells (Yeasacc ©) influence the breakdown of fibers in the blind and colon. A good and fast digestion in these intestinal parts contributes to a smooth flow in the entire intestinal system. Pectin fibers (from apple pulp) have been added to speed up the fermentation
▸ Gelatinized barley flakes
▸ Alfalfa
▸ Gelatinized oat flakes
▸ Wheat bran
▸ Oatmeal pellets
▸ Apple pulp
▸ Molashine
▸ Linseed oil
▸ Gelatinized corn flakes
▸ Vitamin and mineral premix
▸ Yeasacc
▸ Vitamins: A, D and E.
▸ Copper
▸ Zinc
▸ Selenium
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Contact our veterinarian for detailed feeding advice. Based on a horse > 450 kg:
▸ Rest:
   ▹ Bonpard Motility: 1.8 kg
   ▹ Hay: 4.05 kg
Light training:
   ▹ Bonpard Motility: 2.25 kg
   ▹ Hay: 4.95 kg
Moderate training:
   ▹ Bonpard Motility: 2.5 kg
   ▹ Hay: 5.4 kg
Heavy training:
   ▹ Bonpard Motility: 3 kg
   ▹ Hay: 5.85 kg
Very hard training:
   ▹ Bonpard Motility: 4 kg
   ▹ Hay: 8.1 kg
TIPS FROM SPORTPAARDENARTS.NL ▸ The transition from your current food to Bonpard Motility should be gradual (over 3 weeks). Ask our vet for detailed feeding advice.
▸ Give your horse a block of salt in his stable
▸ Feed at least 4 servings daily, spread over the day
▸ Never leave your horse without food for more than 6 hours
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