Bonpard Non-Obesitas


Bonpard Non-obesitas is suitable for horses that are overweight (obese).

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Bonpard Non-Obesitas

Bonpard Non-obesitas is a concentrated specialty feed that, in combination with fiber-rich and energy-poor roughage, is part of a healthy slimming diet. In order for the horse to lose weight, the energy intake with the feed must be less than its energy consumption. You can achieve this by feeding less energy and making your horse work more. By training you accelerate weight loss twice. The muscles use extra energy at that moment and trained horses also use more energy for the rest of the day. Without training, a horse can use its energy very efficiently and it takes much more time to reach the target weight. Losing weight is a long process, the reward is an active and vital horse.

INDICATIONS ▸ For horses with overweight (obesity)
▸ Helps the horse lose weight healthily
▸ Bonpard Non-obese is high in protein and packed with vitamins and minerals. This way you prevent muscle loss
COMPOSITION ▸ Bonpard Non-obesitas is a fiber-rich food with very low starch and sugar contents. The protein content is high and of very good quality. The high levels of minerals, vitamins and trace elements are necessary to prevent shortages due to the limited feed intake.
▸ Alfalfa
▸ Oatmeal pellets
▸ Soy pellets
▸ Wheat semolina
▸ Coarse Lucerne
▸ Molashine
▸ Vitamin and mineral premix
Vitamins: A, D and E.
▸ Copper
▸ Selenium
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Contact our veterinarian for detailed feeding advice. Based on a 500 kg horse:
▸ Horses not receiving training:
   ▹ Bonpard Non-obesitas: 1.75 kg
   ▹ Hay: 3.5 kg
▸ horses that receive training for about 1 hour a day:
   ▹ Bonpard Non-obesitas: 2 kg
   ▹ Hay: 5.5 kg
TIPS FROM SPORTPAARDENARTS.NL ▸ The transition from your current food to Bonpard Non-obesity should be done gradually (over 3 weeks). Ask our vet for detailed feeding advice.
▸ Training and exercise accelerate the consumption of fat reserves.
▸ Feed a minimum of 4 servings of hay and 2 servings of Bonpard Non-obese daily.
▸ Make sure your horse is never without food for more than 6 hours
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