Bonpard Mare&Foal


Bonpard Mare&Foal is fully tailored to what the pregnant or nursing mare and the growing foal need.

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Bonpard Mare&Foal

Bonpard Mare & Foal is fully tailored to what the pregnant or nursing mare and the growing foal need. Pregnant and lactating mares but growing foals also clearly differ from other horses in their needs for a healthy diet, but are very similar in this respect. The foal in particular is vulnerable to health problems, the cause of which may already be before birth. For the mare, optimal nutrition contributes to excellent health, high-quality colostrum and good milk production.
Bonpard Mare & Foal mainly contains fats and fibers as an energy source, and has low levels of starch and sugars. This ensures that the mare has a lower risk of fermentation disorders (colic, thin manure) and that she produces healthier colostrum and milk for the foal.

INDICATIONS ▸ Supports the development of the foal
▸ Start feeding 8 weeks before weaning the foal
▸ The foal can eat with the mare
▸ Ensures that the mare produces healthy colostrum and milk
▸ Smaller chance that the mare will suffer from colic and/or thin manure
COMPOSITION ▸ Bonpard Mare & Foal contains high levels of protein, copper, vitamin E and selenium. With this muesli you also give the right amino acids in the right proportions. This is important for good bone, joint and muscle development and healthy milk production.
▸ Alfalfa
▸ Gelatinized barley flakes
▸ Soy pellets
▸ Oatmeal pellets
▸ Sunflower oil
▸ Wheat semolina
▸ Toasted soybeans
▸ Gelatinized corn flakes
▸ Wheat bran
▸ Vitamins and minerals premix
▸ Molashine
▸ Biolys
Vitamins: A, D and E
▸ Copper
▸ Zinc
▸ Selenium
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Contact our veterinarian for detailed feeding advice.
TIPS FROM SPORTPAARDENARTS.NL ▸ The transition from your current feed to Bonpard Mare & Foal must be done gradually (over 2 weeks).
▸ Give at least two servings per day (3 or 4 meals is better).
▸ Never give horses more than 2 kg per meal and never give ponies more than 1 kg.
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