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Excellent feed for sport horses or horses to compensate chronic digestive disorders in the large intestine.

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Bonpard Colon

Bonpard Colon has been specially developed for horses to compensate for chronic digestive disorders of the colon, with the possible consequence of colon colic or poorly digested manure and which may be related to chronic hoof disease.
A healthy intestinal flora is essential for the health of the horse. The rich assortment of fibers in Bonpard Colon stimulates the natural intestinal flora. Added live yeast cells (Yeasacc) help prevent acidification of the intestinal contents. Acidification of the intestinal contents is detrimental to the “good” bacteria. The low starch and sugar content and the pretreated (digested) starch sources can be efficiently digested in the small intestine, so that only the correct (fiber-rich) nutrients end up in the large intestine.

INDICATIONS ▸ Colic originating from the colon or;
▸ Poorly digested manure or;
Chronic laminitis.
COMPOSITION ▸ Bonpard Colon is carefully composed and contains all the necessary nutrients, with great attention to minerals (calcium, phosphorus), vitamins (A, D and E) and trace elements (copper, biotin and zinc) that improve the quality of the hoof and promote recovery after disease.
▸ Oatmeal pellets
▸ Roasted roasted flakes
▸ Dried apple pulp
▸ Luzerne
▸ Bolkaf
▸ Wheat bran
▸ Linseed oil
▸ Locust bean
▸ Coarse luzerne
▸ Toasted soybeans
▸ Vitamins and minerals
▸ Extruded linseed
▸ Root flakes
▸ Yeasacc
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ A dietetic food is tuned to one horse and one situation. The following indication is informational only (please contact our vet for a detailed food advice) and is based for a 550 kg horse:
Light working level:
   ▹ 2.5 kg Bonpard Colon
   ▹ 7.7 kg gross hay
Moderate work level:
   ▹ 2.8 kg Bonpard Colon
   ▹ 8.3 kg gross hay
Heavy work level:
   ▹ 3 kg Bonpard Colon
   ▹ 8.8 kg gross hay
Very heavy work level:
   ▹ 4.1 kg Bonpard Colon
   ▹ 11 kg gross hay
TIPS FROM SPORTPAARDENARTS.NL ▸ The transition from your current feed to Bonpard Colon should be gradual (over 5 weeks). Ask our veterinarian perform a detailed food advice.
Give your horse a salt block in his stable
Give your horse at least four times hay and two times Bonpard Colon per day (Bonpard Colon and hay may simultaneously)
Make sure your horse never stays longer than six hours without food
Do you give haylage instead of hay? 1 kg hay is:
   ▹ 1.4 kg of wet horse haylage
   ▹ 1.2 kg horse haylage
   ▹ 1.1 kg dry horse haylage
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