Selevite E

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Protects muscle cells, muscle tissue and selenium E also plays a supporting role in fertility.

Selevite E

Prequine Selevite E has been carefully formulated and contains various ingredients that help protect muscle tissue, manufactured according to GMP+-FSA guidelines. It contains high-quality vitamin E and selenium, both of which are antioxidants and support the protection of muscle cells against free radicals. Selenium also provides a supporting role in fertility.


INDICATIONS ▸ Provides a supporting role in fertility.
▸ Protects the muscle cells
▸ Protects the muscle tissue

▸ Calcium carbonate
▸ Magnesium carbonate
▸ Vitamin E
▸ Selenium
▸ Sodium
▸ Phosphorus

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Mix with the feed
▸ Horses: 15/35 g per day
▸ Ponies and foals: 15 g per day
PACKAGING ▸ Bucket of 1.5 kg
▸ Bucket of 4 kg



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1.5 kg





Doping status

Doping free


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