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Liquid aid in the recovery of acidosis, dehydration and tying up syndrome in horses.


Neutradex is a caramel-flavored syrup that, based on disodium hydrogen citrate, ensures recovery after physical exertion in horses. Sodium promotes water absorption in horses.

INDICATIONS ▸ Sport horses and/or heavy effort/training.
▸ Horses who are sensible for tying up syndrome.
Rehydration after exercise in combination with balanced electrolyte supplementation.
Support for elimination of toxins and waste products after heavy effort which stimulates the normal function of kidney, bladder and urinary tract.
Young, nervous, muscled horses who provide effort.
COMPOSITION ▸ Sodium acid citrate (a natural bicarbonate precursor)
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Add 30 ml of Neutradex per 500 kg per day to the daily ration.
▸ Give 50 ml Neutradex orally after heavy effort (such as a competition) with a syringe on the back of the tongue.
TIPS FROM SPORTPAARDENARTS.NL ▸ Combine Neutradex with Electrolytes for the best recovery.
PACKAGING ▸ Bottle of 1 litre: for 33 doses
▸ Container of 5 litres: for 166 doses



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