Vitamino Sport


Vitamins and minerals for all types of horses.

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Vitamino Sport

Vitamino Sport from Sportpaardenarts is intended for sport horses but also for older, emaciated or recovering horses. It contains an advanced performance formula with a full broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Vitamino Sport supplements the ration with high-quality elements in a responsible dosage.

INDICATIONS ▸ Supplemental vitamin.
▸ Promotion of waste.
▸ For good muscle function.
▸ Improvement of resistance.
COMPOSITION ▸ Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D3, E
▸ Extruded linseed
▸ Spirulina
▸ Soy flour
▸ Calcium sodium phosphate
▸ Brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
▸ Potassium chloride
▸ Magnesium oxide
▸ Calcium carbonate
▸ Sodium chloride
▸ Choline chloride
▸ Niacin
▸ Folate
▸ ß-Carotene
▸ Biotin
▸ L-lysine
▸ L-threonine
▸ L-tryptophan
▸ L-glutamine
▸ Iron
▸ Zinc
▸ Manganese
▸ Copper
▸ Iodine
▸ Cobalt
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Daily administration for a horse from 500 kg:
1 x per day 60 g
▸ 1 measuring cup = 60 g
PACKAGING ▸ Pail: 1.8 kg



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