Haarlemmer Oil


Haarlemmer Oil, for the health and wellbeing of your horse.

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Haarlemmer Oil

What is Haarlemmer oil?

The most famous and widely distributed remedies certainly include the famous Haarlemmer oil. This product, a mixture of terebinth oil and sulphur, formerly also called medicamentum gratia probatum, has been world famous for more than 325 years. The distillation process of the product has been a secret for centuries.
The beneficial drug is said to have been invented in 1696 by Haarlem resident Claes Tilly. Haarlemmer oil was considered a panacea. It has been of almost inestimable value to Haarlem, because it ensured that the city became known all over the world. After all, many seafarers, missionaries and missionaries took a bottle of the drug with them on their journeys to distant parts of the world.

What is Haarlemmer oil good for?

The age-old Haarlemmer oil is not a miracle cure, but it is a wonderful remedy against, among other things, colds, flu, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, burns and bruises. A few drops from this bottle can also significantly reduce these complaints in horses. It is not without reason that this remedy has been a huge success for centuries. It is sold worldwide and used for ailments in both animals and humans. Does your horse suffer from ailments? Then try some drops of Haarlemmer oil. Haarlemmer oil is still used with great success for all kinds of ailments in humans and animals. Read more about this product below.


INDICATIONS ▸ Respiratory system
▹ Increased defense against respiratory infections.
▸ Muscles
▹ Helps rapid recovery after heavy exertion. Haarlemmer oil has a general boosting effect on horses during competitions.
▸ Joints
▹ Fight arthritis manifestations and contribute to their eventual healing.
▸ Gastrointestinal system
▹ Stimulates liver and bile functions (liver) and works against stones.
▹ Protect against the proliferation of intestinal parasites and help eliminate them.
▹ Increased defense against intestinal infections.
▸ Urinary tract
▹Improvement of the urinary system and elimination of toxins
▹ Increased defense against urinary tract infections.
▸ Hormonal system
▹ Stimulates, naturally and without side effects, the horse’s hormone secretions in the Antehypophysis and Corticosurrenal glands.
▸ Essential oils of turpentine
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Give directly in the mouth or mix with food.
▸ General resistance and prevention: give the contents of a 15 ml bottle at once, possibly repeating after a few days
▸ Treatment of conditions: give the contents of a 15 ml bottle per day in one go for approximately 5 days.
PACKAGING ▸ Bottle of 15 ml: for 1 administration 



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