Aid for the control of respiratory diseases due to allergies and irritations, which needs to be nebulized.

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Inhal has a beneficial effect on the airways of your horse. It promotes the fight against respiratory allergies and irritations.

INDICATIONS ▸ Respiratory allergies and irritations.
▸ Inhal has a favorable effect on the trachea, with a mucus thinning action.
COMPOSITION ▸ Extracts of Eucalyptus and Cypress
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ▸ Use only with nebuliser
Initial treatment: 2,5 mL, 2 times a day, for 20 days
Maintenance treatment: 2,5 ml, 1 time per day
Shake well before use 
TIPS FROM SPORTPAARDENARTS.NL ▸ Mix Inhal with saline solution for ease of use of the nebulizer (we recommend to try with a 1:1 dilution, this means the same amount Inhal en the same amount saline solution)
▸ Combine Inhal with chelated silver (Silvaplex)
PACKAGING ▸ Bottle of 100 ml: for 40 treatments 



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